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9 Places in Lucknow for your next Hangout

Best cafes in Lucknow

Hey Lucknowites, quick question – ever been hungry enough that you need to eat but not enough to stuff yourself till you are ready to burst? Budgetary constraints shroud your mind? You always hang out at that kebab joint that everybody in the world is talking about or have to shell out grand bucks for being among a good crowd with your dear ones; getting monotonous? To kill all these birds with one stone, let’s check out a list of cafes and bakeries that satisfy the need to feed without biting a large part of your budget.

  1. PAT-A-CAKE 

As catchy as its name is, the food will catch your attention too. There sure is the traditional chicken patty but that’s just basic stuff, isn’t it? Not this one, folks. Want to hit the bull’s eye of tasty delight? You literally go for it here; that’s what they call their mouth watering pack of sweetness – Bull’s Eye. Well, maybe it isn’t a celebration, just a stop for a slight snack, fed up of the roadside fast foods? Try the scorching pasta and your search ends. For those with a sweet tooth, the chocolate cakes will serve another reason for rejoicing (we are sure you would come with more reasons to have that).
Location – 17/1, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Hazratganj / C-1544, Church Road, Indira Nagar / 4/186, Vishal Khand, Gomti Nagar
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Been to so many crowded places and looking for a peaceful spot with your BAE or gang? Well, Café Wrappers comes to your rescue. The well painted wall of the doorway builds an aura even before you enter it. You are still amused, when you enter and before you is the dimly lit perfect ambience of a café, to offer an exotic experience to your taste buds. The rich Mexican cuisines served fresh can be accompanied with some fantastic mocktail (did those brows rise?). To enhance your ‘foody’ experience with some ‘chilly’ music and ambience, Café Wrappers should be your priority.
Location – 4/295, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar
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Are you tired of all the usual red painted walls with lookalike food stuff? Well you’re welcome to Homey’s Café. One of the best looking cafés of Lucknow awaits exploration. The graffiti on each wall gives you an altogether different aura. The funky-chirpy looking café is a treat for your eyes. From Baked Nachos to Cold Coffee, from Cheesy Pasta to Crispy Pizza, it leaves you wanting for more. Nominal rates for an amazing food experience. (Knocksense Recommends – Alfredo Pasta with Iced Tea on a blissful evening; this should be a perfect ending.)
Location – 2/163, Vivek Khand-2, Gomti Nagar
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Have a ‘chocolaty’ corner for chocolates in your little cozy heart? You are surely going to go all gaga for this place. This is The Chocolate Heaven, blessed with ‘all things chocolaty and nice’. If your nostrils snare the chocolaty aroma on entering, you’re at the right place. A wide variety of pancakes, waffles and exotic milk shakes will trap you into some trance. You’ll be amazed with the presentation. (Knocksense Recommends – Nutella Pancake and an Ferrero Rocher Shake with your favorite people.)
Location – 3/553, Vivek Khand (Opposite Aryans), Gomti Nagar
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Having a special birthday round the corner? Well, La Reine Bakery will make that even more special. They serve AMAZING looking cakes, pastries and other desserts. You all have had Chocolate Brownies and Garlic Breads; your want for a new flavor will be fulfilled by La Reine with some incredible Mocha Brownie, Walnut Fudge Brownie; Olive Herb Focaccia, Masala Cheese Loaf to name a few. Mastering in Belgium chocolate products, La Reine will not disappoint you. You can also spend on Pizza, Patties, Burgers or Coffee without looking at the thickness of your wallet. (Knocksense Recommends – Blueberry Cheese Cake and Coffee.)
Location – 13, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Hazratganj
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Think you have had all the varieties of momos? Steam, Fried, Paneer, Chicken? You’re so wrong buddy. If you love momos and you have not been to Nanital Momos, you’re missing some serious stuff. They provide a wide range of momos all better than the rest. The place might seem small, but does size matter? You’re there to satisfy your lusting taste buds, aren’t you? Don’t doubt us, visit this amazingly built hangout spot and see for yourself. The walls ‘literally’ boast of its goodness, with all the valuable reviews, well framed and hanging out. BDW Nanital Momos is also opening Lucknow’s first MOMOS restaurant with 25 additional varieties of Momo’s in Gomti Nagar area next month, it will surely be a place to hangout it! (Knocksense Recommends – Try out some Tandoori Momos and you’ll thank us.)
Location – 1/99, Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar and B-20 Sector K, Aliganj
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“Chota Packet, Bada Dhamaka” is what Lucknow Diaries proves to us. Comparatively a small place, but each corner utilized to the fullest. A budget friendly café it is, perfect for a group hangout. From sticky notes, to leave your memories behind, to the engaging board games, Lucknow Diaries never disappoints you. The brightly colored café is full of energetic vibes. Chill out with your gang and enjoy the mouth watering snacks it offers in the little, cozy and jazzy place.
Location – 17/1, Mudra Complex, Near PK Bhawan, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Hazratganj
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Had a tough day and want to have a place to lighten you up? Windsor Café can definitely solve your purpose. This adorable place located in the heart of Lucknow, is a perfect hangout destination with your friends, to have a ‘light hearted’ conversation. To accompany you, Windsor serves you with super scrummy Brownie and Chocolate Roulade. You can also pamper yourself with mouthwatering Red Velvet Cake; after all you can never be too sweet for sweets.
Location – K’s Trident, Lower Ground Floor, 10 Rana Pratap Marg
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  1. CAFE ROLLARAPPAA – Season 1 Episode 3

Well, what’s better than a snack that makes you tap your toes to the sound of yuminess! Try the rolls that will surely get you rolling and take you much farther than a “rolling” experience. Strongly recommended, follow this heat up with some coolness for your insides with an amazing extravaganza of milkshakes. No one can have just one.  (No wonder they were able to move from just a street food store to an adorable full-fledged café!)
Location – 1/4, Vivek Khand (Near Mithaiwala Crossing), Gomti Nagar
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So you thought you knew the city, eh? Well if you have missed these, believe us, you missed hanging out in some rather fabulous places with your friends. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and tell us on if we were wrong.

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