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7 Cool Restaurants & Cafes in Bandra for your next hangout!!

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Bandra, Mumbai can boast of a wide variety of hangouts itself that can beat many cities taken collectively. We at Knocksense present you a handy list of Restaurants and Cafes which caters to all pocket sizes and taste buds. Bandra gives you the energy to create reasons to celebrate so read on and hangout with your mates at these cool places.


“Rastafari is not a culture, it is a reality”, said the legend Bob Marley. Well Bob, the reality has hit Mumbai as well. The Caribbean experience adds to the numerous attractions of Mumbai. The seafood, poultry, innovative drinks, fab music and what not… you get more than your money’s worth. We are talking about the Caribbean cuisine exquisite, Raasta.

For the lesser food-enthusiasts, the place will have music being served by famous DJs. Do not take it as a conventional dine-in; the tables are replaced with huge barrels, coconut trees and Jamaican maps are engraved onto the glass walls, giving you the impression of feasting in the Caribbean islands.

What’s wrong with some delicious dishes while you adore the atmosphere around, eh? The signature Big Boy Platter will be your choice if you are visiting with a group of friends who can’t have consensus on one starter. The non veg Barbados Platter is another hit.

For sea food lovers, they have a special coastal menu which has a long list of famous coastal dishes starting from Chicken Chettinad, Malabar Prawn Roast, Aviyal, Crispy fried Bombil…and the list is endless.Do not forget to have their signature Bongtail they call it a Bong. To add to the color in their ‘joints’, one of their signatures is a three coloured mocktail called the Raasta Special.

At Raasta, one can have an experience worth sharing and yearning for another visit to the place again and again…and yet again! Overall, Raasta is an extravaganza of party, yummy food and socially variable atmosphere.

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Every pizza lover has a secret desire of travelling to Italy just to have a slice of authentic Italian pizza. Well you wouldn’t need to travel that far coz Gustoso is a piece of Italy in Mumbai. The ambiance created by an entire wall depicting a scene from an Italian market, a huge wood oven in one corner, the aroma of authentic San Marzano tomato sauce and a Vespa parked in the centre of the seating area will almost fulfill your secret desire.

The drool worthy menu will pull you in different directions when you will struggle to choose just one…don’t worry you can choose 4 pizzas that will be served as equal portions of a metre long specially customized for you. Some of the must try options are Capricciosa, Indianapoli, Delizia di funghi, Prosciutto Di Parma,and Pesto E Pollo. Authentic Italian treats like the Arancini, crostini burratta should not be missed.

Tagliolini Bombay is another hit: home made pasta in a cream and sage sauce which is tossed in a parmesan cheese wheel with a brandy flambe` by the chef at your table. For those with a sweet tooth, Tiramisu is a must try. Gustoso has an outlet at Kemps Corner too.

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Fat Man’s Cafe

With an unconventional name for an eatery, Fat Man’s Cafe is a cosy place which has a long list of menu to offer. With cute pictures of minions on one wall, chairs and tables of different shapes and sizes and a wall with quirky food-related quotes…this place definitely stands a chance to be a forerunner in your list of places to spend a casual evening.

If you get confused while choosing food from the long list, Johnny will be to your rescue. All the things that he suggested are truly a must try. The Chicken Roulade with spinach and feta cheese is one of the best that they serve.

Special mention to the Mac n Cheese pizza which will take everyone down their memory lane to their childhood days. They have a few options for shakes as well; nutella coffee shake was quiet a meal in itself.And don’t miss their pan cakes-they are to die for. For all the fitness freaks they have started a Fat Man’s Fit Menu with great options for healthy soups, salads and mains. A new pocket friendly menu for the broke days where you can pick any dish for Rs 199 only.

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Cafe La Ruche

A piece of Mumbai sky with great Indianised American food and a list of innovative cocktails and mocktails is a difficult combination to find in Mumbai. An open air café adorned with vintage props and wall hangings with cool quotes and cane chairs creates a relaxing ambiance to spend quality time with family and friends.

Chef Juliano Rodrigues has done a great job by adding Indian flavour to every item in the menu and so are the names of the dishes like Haldi Crème Brulee and Chandan Baked Yogurt – must try deserts. The Cereal Crusted Fish Baguette is one -of-a-kind…fish and cornflakes: a great combination of taste and health. Chicken paired with steamed egg in Chicken Shizneal Burger is a complete meal in itself. Sulemani chai, Tamatar and Tulsi pasta, Mumbai ka Bonda, Sangam Veggie Gratin …the list of mind blowing dishes is endless where the chef has purposely added the Indian flavours to non-Indian dishes to promote the Indian spices.

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Cool Story

Cool story is perhaps the only place in Bandra where you can customise every item on the menu to suit your taste buds without any extra charges. You may sit here for as long as you want playing board games or read a book with your customized drink or just do your thing without anyone bothering you. Bright walls and colorful decor cheers up your mood as soon as you step inside.

USP of the place: long list of frozen beverages especially the slushes, which they happily customize as per your liking.

Their idea of 12 hour cold brewed teas is something unique and all of them are very refreshing. A good option – Passion Fruit Green Tea. Flip onto health heroes and cold pressed juices section of the menu in case you are a fitness freak . The 8 options of Fratte Overload is something you shouldn’t miss for a perfect dessert: full marks to Mango Cheesecake

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Dr Bubbles

Its everyone’s wish switch from unhealthy soft drinks to something as refreshing but nutritious without compromising on taste…Dr. Bubbles is the answer. Bringing the authentic Taiwanese bubble tea to India, Dr bubbles serves a number of variants of the most natural antioxidant: Tea. You can choose your base from three categories: yogurt, milk and fruit teas with a number of flavors and then add the pearls to it…no not the real pearls but pearls of tapioca, seaweed-extract bubbles filled with different fruit syrups or coconut jellies of different flavors.

Too much to choose from? Don’t worry the ever smiling staff will be happy to help you decide the best combination as per your taste buds: less sweet, more sweet, green tea based, black tea based, dairy or water based. We were surprised to taste the combination of Vanilla milk tea with Blueberry bubbles. For fruit lovers, Pink Guava fruit tea with strawberry bubbles or Kiwi fruit tea with Blueberry bubbles are a must try. And don’t worry…everything on the menu is not just vegetarian but vegan. Facebook | Zomato Dr bubble


This list would be incomplete if we don’t mention the most popular and one of the most affordable places in Bandra – Candies. With a varied menu ranging from 10 rupee mini cupcakes to Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter sauce, each and every item is a must try. New addition to the menu Stone Pizza is a must try.

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It is one of the places where you get excited and confused at the same time cause you are tempted to try everything on the display counter but find it difficult to choose one. Along with the food they serve, one of the USPs of the place is the perfect ambiance. Want to enjoy the pleasant winter evenings on multi-levelled terrace spaces in the midst of nature or want to escape the afternoon sun in air conditioned indoor seating areas without spending a bomb…this is the place you want to be at. Beautifully lit colorful lanterns, walls adorned with Parisienne paintings, wooden tables with Turkish tiled side panels… are bound to get addicted to the place. Facebook | Zomato Dr bubble

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