If cricketers were Baahubali characters, who plays ‘who’?

Watch out for our Baahubali !

Baahubali is creating and breaking records left right and centre. Meanwhile the IPL fever is also on, so we thought of clubbing two passions every Indian has and the result will make you laugh out loud for sure. So read on and do not forget to watch Baahubali if you haven’t already.

Bdw, we have chosen cricketers on the basis of either physical similarities or circumstantial similarities.

Anjum Chopra as Sivagami

Anjum Chopra played tests for India, she is a brilliant cricketer and a commentator. She is on the list because of those big protruding eyes.

 Rameez Raja as Bijjaladeva

Now the character of Bijjaladeva speaks a lot but does nothing. Similarly….aah you know where we are heading, don’t you? Moreover there is a striking resemblance between the two isn’t it?

Dinesh Karthik as Kumara Varma

Karthik tries really hard in every match but  goofs up at critical moments and so does Kumara Varma in the film.

Isa Guha as Devasena

We have seen her in the extraa innings, she is of Indian origin but played for England. A fierce fast bowler, even devsena in the film is shown as a fierce warrior.

Syed Kirmani as Katappa

Striking resemblance in the face, makes Mr Kirmani the first choice for Katappa.

Chris Gayle as Bhallaladeva

Can there be anyone else in the world of cricket who would fit the part of Bhallaladeva more than Gayle? Gayle is the ultimate destroyer of bowling and Bhallaladeva destroyed the kingdom of Mahishmati. Moreover look at his physical strength and those 8 packs

MSD as Mahendra Baahubali

Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Mahendra Baahubali, need we say more? Even their first names are same.  Dhoni got the world cup for India, which his predecessor Sourav Ganguly couldn’t. We are tempted to have Dada as Amrendra Bahubali and we are not holding anything back read on.

Sourav Ganguly as Amrendra Baahubali

He is the Prince of Indian cricket. A true fighter, he lost the world cup final in 2003 and similarly Amrendra Baahubali lost his kingdom to Bhallaladeva, but won many hearts.  Dada as we love to call him needs no introduction at all. P

Ps. This article is meant for entertainment purpose only. We do not intend to disrespect any cricketer or actor. #JustForFun

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