15 places for lip-smacking street food in Lucknow!

Street food has its own definition and when it comes to Lucknow this definition becomes delicious and mouth watering, so if you are a true fan of street food and wandering where to get your taste buds bubbled in lucknow then here we will tell you 15 places where you can tantalize your taste buds with lip smacking street food!

1. Veg kabab paratha at Deva Food Mart, Kapoorthala

Hungry at Kapoorthala? Go grab the Veg kabab roll at deva food mart. This mouth watering dish consists of soft delicious kabab with crispy rumali roti.

2. Sharma ki chai, Hazratganj

Want to get rid of those Monday blues, go gram a cup of hot steaming tea at Sharma tea corner in hazratganj, and top it up with hot and crispy bun butter and samosa. Perfect thing to kick start your day.

3. Ashwani ki lassi, Kaiserbagh chauraha

Beat the heat with tasty and cool  lassi at ashwani’s. the tasty lassi stuffed with dry fruits and topped with thick layer of rabri will surely refresh your mood.

4. Shukla Chaat House, Hazratganj

This 45 years old chaat stall in the buzzing hazratganj is famous for its delicious panipuri and the popular matar chaat and aloo chaat.

5. Tundey ke kabab, chowk

The all time favorite tundey ke kabab is a perfesect street food for non vegetarians. Situated in the oldest market of the city, chowk . The soft galavati kababs and shaami kabab sold here will surely make your heart sink!

6. Malai makkhan at chowk

If you have a sweet tooth and you are heading towards chowk then don’t forget to taste the famous makkhan malai or Nimish. It is a delicious milk dessert with foamy texture sold in the lanes of chowk. You won’t find it in summers, it is usually sold during winters.

7. Prakash kulfi house

In Aminabad market, this Kulfi house is a must visit. Try their brain freezing kulfi falooda. Believe me it’s worth trying!

8. Sheermaal kabab

Experience the unique taste and combination of sheermaal and kabab sold especially in the chowk area of Lucknow.

9. Katori chaat from Royal Café

This lip smacking chaat from Royal café is to die for. Royal Café is famous for its tasty, mouth-watering Katori Chaat. Once you have it your heart will know itself if you are a true foodie!

10. Bajpai ki poori-kachori, Hazratganj

The crowd at this shop will itself tell you the story of poori- kachori sold here; fill your stomach in just Rs. 40 wit garam garam chole poori.

11. Idris ki Biryani, Chowk


This shop is around 30-40 years old situated in chowk. The Biryani here is mind blowing; rich in aroma and taste the biryani is worth not missing.

12. Bombay Pav Bhaji

Feel like having some pavbhaji ? Rush to Bombay Pav Bhaji in Hazratganj , this place serves delicious pavbhaji.

13. Chicken shawarma at Manish Eating Point, Patrakarpuram

This food joint in Patrakarpuram serves the best Chicken shawarma in town. The delicious shawarma is served with tasty mayonnaise sauce.

14. Cheese burger of Exer Club, mall avenue


LBS coffee point earlier known as Exer Club serves the best Cheese burger and Mushroom sandwich. The cheese burger here will make your heart skip a beat, Take a bite and know yourself.

15. Rahim ke kulche nihari

Your visit to Lucknow is incomplete till you haven’t tasted this unique luscious dish with a perfect combination of Kulcha and nihari (stew consisting of slow cooked meat).

So what are you waiting for go tantalize your taste buds with all these lip-smacking street foods in Lucknow.

Article by Vidisha Singh

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