13 Bang On Reasons Why We All Need A Leo In Our Life!

Every group has that one person whose leadership skills outshine everybody else’s. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo’s are the real kings of the zodiacs.

Ruled by the sun and represented by a lion, Leo’s are believed to be charismatic leaders. Everybody who is friends with a Leo, will agree to the following points, that prove how a bossy Leo, can change your life for good:

1. In them, you have a friend for life

We all need a brutally honest person in our lives, who is true to us. Leo’s are both warm-hearted and outspoken, which makes them the best people to be with. You can trust them and ask for their opinion, and in return you will get a clarity of thoughts, that can only happen in the company of a Leo.

2. They are creative and energetic

Leo’s have energy, that is contagious and they can cheer you up anytime, with their optimism. No one can lift your mood better than a Leo and fill you up with a positive energy and enthusiasm too.

3. Never mess with a Leo

A Leo always remembers. You can never fool them and shouldn’t let their easy charm fool you. There is no one better than them when it comes to holding grudges with people.

4. If you want good presents, get a Leo in your life

Money and effort does not matter to this zodiac, as they can go to lengths to make you feel happy and fulfill your heart’s desires.

5. But they also expect the same in return

Leo’s don’t just like expensive and luxurious gifts. However, you should always do some brainstorming before spending your money.

6. Leo’s are the life of the party

The party doesn’t begin, until they arrive. A Leo is the one, who is capable of adding fun, spontaneity and, excitement to any moment.

7. Get all your things done, with a Leo friend

Don’t panic or stress on something, if you have a Leo friend on your list. They are known to get things done and can fix anything. You can rely on them to get your shit together, no matter how big or small it is.

8. However, some things always remain stuck half-way, with a Leo

A Leo gets bored very easily and therefore leaves things as it is. So if a project has been hanging for long, chances are, it will stay like that forever.

9. Warm and passionate lovers

Yes, that’s what Leo’s are. Their self-confidence and charm will force you to fall in love with them.

10.  Leo’s are very successful

Not only are they great leaders, but a Leo is a successful person, too. And that is mostly because of their hot headedness and the ego they carry around themselves, combined with pride. They project themselves as the most important person, in the room and emerge as the star sign.

11. Leo’s believe in making sudden plans

You can never expect them to show up on time anywhere. In fact, you can never be sure whether they will turn up or not. That’s because Leo’s love to make sudden plans and execute them well.

12. Leo is the one who takes care of all

Hear a Leo roar, if you ever mess with their people. Their leadership ability lets them take charge of their family and close ones, and make sure everyone is safe.

13. A Leo is everyone’s favorite, wanna know what makes them so good?

You want words to describe what’s good in a Leo? Well, they are loyal, trustworthy, spontaneous, open-minded, giving, happy, inspiring, benevolent, and a true friend. Have we missed anything?

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