Are you a typical Taurus? Find out with these 9 personality traits!

If you have a Taurus friend, you must have had plenty of arguments with them till date and would have called them a STUBBORN innumerable number of times. But it is time for you to stop pointing it out to them, because it’s their zodiac that makes them so obstinate.

Putting aside this one quality, Taurians are not very difficult to handle and teach us how to be goal-oriented. If you were born between April 21 and May 20, read below to find out if you have all the traits of the zodiac-

1. You are extremely independent 

You are confident enough to set your own rules and you want to live a life created by your own choices.

2. You secretively have a big heart but people often term you as emotionally detached.

3. You mistake your stubbornness for persistence, but that’s really not true.

4. You are extremely hardworking and nothing can ever come in your way when you are working towards your goal.

5. Your love for finer things can make you materialistic

6. You have a practical approach towards life

You aren’t a risk-taker. You will refrain from taking risks, all your life and will always prefer a safe calculated path.

7. You don’t like unnecessary expenditure 

However, you are more than happy to share money in times of need, with your friends and family.

8. You have high expectations from yourself 

Due to which you work very hard, and are your own worst critic.

9. You are too dramatic about almost everything and are expert at hiding your jealous face.

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Parul Agarwal

Written by Parul Agarwal

People sleep for a while and wake, but she is bestowed with the power to sleep at different occasions, at any given point of time. But when she is up in full form (no matter how rare the occasion is!) she would do things with so much precision, that you can only dream of.
She traveled all the way from the land of beaches and incredible parties- Goa, to be here. She is a Shopaholic with cognitive style of adventure. She proves all sleep and no work, makes one a brighter being.

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