Reasons Why Ellen DeGeneres Is Simply Awesome And We Can Never Have Enough Of Her!

Many celebrities were nominated and received awards for their impressive acting, singing, film directing, etc. One comedian in particular won two awards for “Favorite Humanitarian” and “Favorite Daytime TV Host”.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Ellen DeGeneres! I’m assuming most of you know who she is, because how can you not.

For all those who don’t know much about Ellen here are 9 reasons, why she is awesome. *She is also the sound of dory in finding Nemo*

1. She is absolutely hilarious:

What’s so impressive about Ellen’s comedic persona, is she never curses on her show. Sometimes her executive producers do, but she keeps it clean, but always manages to get laughs from her audience. Her cynical, yet spirited personality is what wins over an audience in my opinion. she can make anyone laugh.

2.  She isn’t an activist:

Ellen’s words have always been powerful, but this speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. She has done so much for the LGBTQIA (also known as MOGII) community, and contributes to helping animals find good homes that may have been homeless, but also abused as well. she is truely a kind soul.

3. She changes people’s lives:


Ellen works along Shutterfly, and almost every single episode of her show, she helps someone out, no matter what the cost is. That ranges from a television, a family vacation, a car, a house or renovating an entire school; she makes sure it happens for them because she genuinely cares, and that is beautiful.

4. She always in search of talented people:

Ellen DeGeneres has a record label called ‘ElevenEleven’. She is looking for young talented singers on Youtube. The best of them could be invited to her show where they can present themselves to the audience.

not only singing she also promotes unique talent,one such example is Brielle, who has super sharp mind.

5. She is beyond kind:

At the end of every show Ellen states, “Be kind to one another.” She has proven that one small act of kindness can change the world. She creates such an amazing atmosphere in her show and never stops smiling.

6. She believes in equality for all:

Ellen does not believe that race, sexuality, nor religion affects a person. She believes in equal rights and freedom for everyone. She supports anyone with exceptionalities and goes out of her way to make everyone feel like they are worth so much. She states many times that no one who is considered different is alone.

7.  She genuinely cares about her staff:

Ellen actually knows who her staff members are and frequently interacts with them on the show. Many of them are part of skits, games, surprises, etc. and she even sometimes shows baby pictures of first-time parents!

8. Her dancing is on point & makes others want to dance too!

If you watch her show, you’ll know that she dances with her audience at the beginning of every episode and then people from the audience dance during commercial breaks. Celebrities are also encouraged to dance when coming on the show.

9. She promotes the importance of education:

Ellen and her sponsors (like Shutterfly and Target) have written countless checks to students, teachers, and schools so they can continue being educated/educating.

She is super sweet, super kind and a lovely person. She is truly a role model for all.

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