OnePlus 5T’s face unlock is faster than iPhone X’s but Apple offers better security & more features!

OnePlus 5T_iPhone X_face unlcok

OnePlus on Thursday launched its updated T variant of OnePlus 5 in an event named ‘New View’. The OnePlus 5T brings a lot of new features for the company and its dedicated users.

From a bezel-less screen to the fingerprint sensor on the back and software tweaks to make Oxygen OS more useful, OnePlus has struck a right chord in almost all departments of this smartphone.

Face Unlock feature on OnePlus 5T

The Never Settle tagline completely justifies this phone as OnePlus has also introduced a face unlock feature with OnePlus 5T. Similar to Apple’s Face ID, the OnePlus 5T unlocks as soon as somebody looks at the phone.

Though OnePlus has not used high-end specs on facial recognition, the feature is still faster than Face ID present on iPhone X. Some reviewers have also claimed that OnePlus’s facial recognition feature is 10 times faster than iPhone X’s.

However, OnePlus claims that though the face unlock is fast, it is not as secured as iPhone X’s Face ID and that’s why a user can only use this feature to unlock this device and won’t be able to make payments or use other security features, which are generally possible with fingerprint scanner, with facial recognition present on OnePlus 5T.

Well, we will rather call it a bold move from OnePlus to so openly talk about the cons of 5T’s facial recognition and it only strengthens our trust towards the company.

According to OnePlus officials, Face Unlock uses more than 100 unique identifiers to unlock the OnePlus 5T. The device reads these identifiers using phone’s front-facing camera. The feature is absolutely no way near Face ID on the iPhone X, which beams 30,000 infrared dots onto the face of a user and maps them using an infrared camera. This makes it possible for iPhone users to even unlock their phone in low-lighting conditions. On the other hand, OnePlus 5T struggles to unlock the phone in dark areas.

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