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We miss our city once we move out & here are 7 reasons why there is no place like Lucknow!

Once a Lucknowite, always a Lucknowite. We are all proud of our homeland, a beautiful city that has a rich history, culture and lifestyle. But this love grows manifold times, once we move out of Lucknow, to another city.

No amount of time can heal the hollow that is created when you move out of Lucknow. The clam and quiet of the city along with a lot of other things makes you want to come back every once in a while.

Here are all those things about Lucknow that you miss and get nostalgic about, once you move to another city:

1. Lucknavi tehzeeb and language

It takes a while to get used to the language in other cities, especially when you are from Lucknow. We grow up addressing people with hum and app and have an accent that is the purest. The tu and tum, takes quite some time to sink into our system.

2. Kebabs

Tunday Kababi

A Lucknowite can vouch for the kebabs in Lucknow to be the best. You can go anywhere in the country, but the taste of kebabs in Lucknow cannot be found anywhere. So every time you come back, you immediately head to the one and only- Tunday Kebabi.

3. Chikan and Zari

Lucknow is famous for chikankari work and chikan articles from the city are exported to many countries. Not only Lucknowites, but even foreigners are very fond of it. Every time you are coming back to Lucknow, your colleagues and friends have already asked you to get chikan kurtas for them.

4. Ganjing

One market that has it all. Shopping is a tiring job, but not for Lucknowites. Imagine one place that has it all, it’s called Hazratganj. Not only will you find all the major brands here, but a huge local market presence fulfills all your needs and wants. You’re really going to miss this kind of shopping experience when you move out of the city. Especially the food. Ganjing is also about tasting the good food. There is no getting over the Basket chat of royal café, the cold coffee of chedi lal and so much more.

5. Makkhan Malai

Come winters, and you will crave this mouth-watering wonder, wherever in the world you are. It’s as light as air and melts in your mouth right away. Topped with malai and pistachios, makkhan malai is what reminds you of Lucknow.

6. Street food

The galis and streets in Lucknow are filled with secrets of great recipes. Street food in Lucknow is a class apart and this you realize when you move out to any other place. Sheermal kebab, Nihari Kulcha, Shami Kebab, Kulfi Falooda, Chole Bhature, you don’t miss any of these when you come back home.

7. Sham-e-awadh

The peace and calm that this city makes you feel, gets lost when you move out to places like Delhi, etc. The extremely fast life makes you want to come back home and relax in the pleasant evenings of Lucknow.

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