West Alley Cafe: Spend the best time of the year at Lucknow’s newest hangout place!

If you’re looking for a new place to spend the best time of the year, Knocksense brings you one of the cutest cafe in town. Decked with lively interiors West Alley Cafe is going to be your new favourite in town.

Talking about New Year, this place looks blissful with bright coloured tinsels, Christmas bells and canes.

Let’s take a common group of friends, every group has a person who wants to hog up on food, one of them is always looking for a place to read good stuff in peace, while some just want to enjoy the music with a sheesha. Sounds much of your group right? Well, your friend circle is going to love every corner of West Alley Cafe.

The book lover will always pull you to this cafe for a variety of books kept here, the music and hookah will find the best combo here with subtle lighting and the chirpy one could grab that hanging chair and love it till the end.

What’s the vibe?

You definitely don’t want to go the same place you have been strolling all through the year. This pet-friendly cafe will definitely impress you with its menu, interiors and awesome service.

Spend your New Year at a place which elevates the festive spirit and bid a great farewell to the year 2017. Located in Gomti Nagar near Amity International School, this place won’t be difficult to find.

If you’re looking for a place where you could settle yourself in comfort and in the company of delicious food, you have this new place which fits well in all criterions. So what are you guys waiting for? Call your friends, tag them here and go insane as the year ends.

Recollect the old memories and create some new ones, but don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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