All McD outlets in Lucknow shut for an indefinite period due to insufficient stock!

Hope you enjoyed your last happy meal in Lucknow, as McD outlets in the city, finally shuts for an indefinite period.

As we had reported in September, the dispute between the two legal authorities over the control of McD in North India had taken its toll in Lucknow. On 28th December, McDonald’s in Lucknow has been shut down due to insufficient stock.

At the time this article was published, only Fun Republic outlet was still open. However, most of the items were outofstock and the outlet too will shut by 7pm.

When Knocksense Lucknow staff went to Wave Mall in city on Thursday, they found this notice-

The desolate, Mcd outlet in Wave mall will disappoint a lot of burger lovers in the city. When we tried to contact the employees of other outlets, they informed that McD is closed for an indefinite period in Lucknow.

The news that has been making rounds in the business world, is that everything is not going well in the legal battle for Cannaught Plaza Restaurant Limited against McDonald India, as the latter has terminated the franchise agreement for 169 outlets in North and East India.

The legal battle is on and chances are that all McD outlets of Lucknow, that come directly under the CPRL, will stay shut till the legal battles is on. Yes, that’s true, no more Happy Meals and Aloo Tikki burgers from today, Luknowites!

Ever since the first McD set its foot in the Wave Mall here, it has been the preferred place for value meals comprising burgers, fries, coffee and the cool toys (Do you remember how you used to convince your parents to buy happy meals?).

Guys, do keep following Knocksense Lucknow for the latest update on McD Lucknow.

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