Temptations: This dessert cafe in Lucknow will definitely win your heart with its tempting taste!


Be it a hectic day or a good news making rounds in your life or it is just a bad breakup, a tub of your favourite ice-cream is always there to save you. The tempting ice cream rolls and shakes are all set to savour your sweet tooth at the one and only temptations, Gomti Nagar.

This cozy, cushioned and warm place is all set to host Lucknow with some of the best and exciting flavours. The place offers live ice cream rolls with flavours ranging from Kit Kat to Kulfi and the Banarasi Paan.

Icecream Rolls

If the chocolate lover inside you longs for some original dark chocolate then this place has the answer with cornetto premium ice cream roll. The place and its redness serve best if you are out on a date with someone special. It has that aura served with some thick shakes and coolers to lighten up the mood and create a perfect ambiance.

For Fitness Freaks

Due to the fitness wave out there, sometimes you are not able to cut a slack for yourselves and end up missing these amazing delicacies. Temptations has got you covered on this and they will soon introduce zero sugar ice creams so that you can easily relish your cheat day. Currently, they are serving protein ice cream rolls and it is a must try for all fitness freaks.

Bakery products

Temptations has partnered with Mouth Wide Shut for bakery products. Here, you can get to taste amazing Jar Desserts, Brownies and other special products. Also, for the first time in Lucknow, they have brought an Orange cake, which will definitely be your favourite if you like orange flavor.

Cone Pizza

Along with the sweetness served beautifully on the platter, temptations has also introduced one of a kind veg and nonveg cone pizzas which will leave you in the dilemma to relish it or just keep capturing it with different angles.


Temptation gladly takes up the job to light up your events and greet the guests with their delicious ice cream rolls. So they are open for catering and make your event a memorable one. Knocksense recommends you to let your temptations win so that your belly can merrily sing jingle bells all the way.

With New Year right around the corner, they are also ready to serve you the New Year special desserts.

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