OnePlus 5T review: A long term verdict of this value for money smartphone!

OnePlus 5T is truly a flagship killer of 2017, but does it stand the test of time? Let’s find out

Our general take on OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T review

We have used this bezel-less beauty for about 30-days now and in our day to day use, this smartphone’s performance is remarkable. Right from the beautiful 18:9 display to its 3300 mAh battery, the smartphone really keeps up on regular usage but what turned me off the most was the Android version it was running on.

The smartphone comes with Android 7.1 with 4.7.6 Oxygen OS. It has been four months since Android Oreo was officially launched for the public. However, till date, OnePlus has not updated both OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5 to Android Oreo in India.

With Face Unlock, Full Vision display, and smooth performance, this phone still lacks competitors in its price bracket. OnePlus 5T is a worthy challenger to some of the flagship smartphones launched in 2017 such as LG G6 and V30, Samsung S8 and of course Nokia 8. I feel that if you have the budget to go for Samsung Note 8, Google Pixel or iPhone X then you should really skip OnePlus 5T, otherwise, this value for money smartphone will really impress you.


The dual camera setup on OnePlus 5T is average. The camera is upgraded in OnePlus 5T compared to its predecessor OnePlus 5, for low-light performance but the outcome is still poor when compared with Pixel 2 or Samsung Note 8. Moreover, the camera really misses a telephoto lens. The 2x optical zoom feature on OnePlus 5T really lacks the clarity which its predecessor was able to offer.

Having said that, in proper lighting conditions, this phone can really click some decent pictures. The smartphone camera is certainly better than OnePlus 5, but it still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

The front camera is also good, though it lacks the portrait mode, which Pixel phones offer. However, this 16-megapixel shooter won’t disappoint many.

Here are the camera samples-


OnePlus 5T review

Though OnePlus decided to stick with Full HD+ 6-inch AMOLED panel, they have really optimised it well. The 18:9 display makes this phone look like a 2017 flagship and will definitely attract a lot of people. The display is crisp and it produces amazing colours.


OnePlus 5T comes with Snapdragon 835 chipset with either 6GB or 8GB Ram. In our day to day usage, we did not face any lag or overheating while playing games. The smartphone was really able to run everything smoothly. OnePlus has never compromised with its performance and with OnePlus 5T too, you won’t be facing any problem.

However, we recommend you to go with 128GB storage variant if you love to download games or if you are a shutterbug. The 128GB variant also comes with 8GB Ram and now this higher-end version comes in two colours.


OnePlus 5T packs 3300 mAh battery which comes with OnePlus’s really fast dash charging. Though we got better battery backup in OnePlus 5, I was not disappointed with this smartphone’s battery either. With a single charge, I am getting about 4 hours 30 minutes of screen on time which is enough to last me a full working day.


As I mentioned before, I am disappointed with the software as this smartphone was not released with Android Oreo. OnePlus 5T runs a near stock version of Android 7.1 Nougat coupled with a light skin of Oxygen OS. The skin really adds amazing features such as three finger swipe for screenshot and double tap the power button for camera to name a few.

The customization features this smartphone offers are really vast and there is something for everybody. Right from double tap the screen to wake it up from sleep, to face unlock and custom colours, you will really be surprised at what Oxygen OS can offer you. Both Reading Mode and Night Mode are really useful features and we feel that every smartphone released in 2018 should atleast have Night Mode.

Recently, OnePlus also released an Open Beta version of Android Oreo and we can expect the full public release of Android Oreo by the end of January.

USP’s of OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5t Android Oreo update in India_OnePlus 5T

1. OnePlus really upped its game in 2017. With the face-unlock feature, it now competes directly with iPhone X. The face-unlock feature on OnePlus 5T is really fast. It is faster than iPhone X. However, OnePlus claims that face unlock is still not as secure as Face ID found on iPhone X. Instead of using an infrared camera and hi-tech specs on the front, OnePlus uses its 16-megapixel front camera and assistive lighting to recognize your face.

2. 18:9 full vision display: Well, it is the biggest highlighting feature of OnePlus 5T and 6-inch display is the primary reason to buy OnePlus 5T over OnePlus 5. The 1080p optic AMOLED display is made by Samsung. The screen offers good brightness level and it is visible in bright daylight as well.

3. Parallel Apps: Though both Face Unlock and Parallel Apps feature will be available in older OnePlus devices as well. But it was worth mentioning here, as these featured are launched with OnePlus 5T. With Parallel App feature, you can run two versions of your favourite apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. This will help you in keeping your work and personal account separate.

OnePlus 5T is exclusively available on Amazon for Rs 32,999. Click here to buy now!

Let us know your take on OnePlus 5T in the comment section below or mail us your experience at If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to mail us.

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