These 9 travel bloggers on Instagram will convince you to pack your bags and get going right away

Pack your bags and get going, because these 9 travel bloggers will definitely convince you to!

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To travel is to let lose your soul from the daily hectic blues of life and catch a breath of fresh air. All you need is just some time away from the monotony of work to reset your life. Travel blogging has become a medium of inspiration and a way to gain experience like never before.

Here are some of the best travel bloggers on Instagram who will motivate you to start your adventure right now.

1. Saurabh Sharad Mayekar 

A motovlogger from Mumbai who travels across the country on his bike has over 25k followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular travel bloggers on the internet right now. This college going student has taken the Instagram on a roll by traveling to places on his motorbike.

2. Lakshmi Sharath

This traveler has over 300 travel stories published in her name and is currently rocking the internet with her travel posts. More than 8k followers on Instagram and content from all across the country is something you definitely cannot miss.

3. Shivya Nath

A young nomad who is exploring the entire world and sharing it with her followers on Instagram. Hailing from Switzerland, she is on a travel spree to places that are a visual treat.

4. Wandering Kamya

A young traveler who has documented herself traveling across the country with no money at all. With an army of 22k followers, Kamya is inspiring many people to go on adventures they will remember for lifetime.

5. Auditya Venkatesh 

This artist and traveler is one of the most famous travel bloggers on the internet right now. With a tremendous number of over 237k followers he is famously know as Audi Photography.

6. Savi and Vid 

This couple is breaking all the internet stereotypes by traveling and exploring the world together. There feeds are no less than a visual dream for every travel fanatic with a following of over 169k.

7. Tanishka

Also known as the girl in the red jacket, she hails from IIT Kanpur and is living her life by traveling to places that are lesser known and traveled. With over 11k followers she has a story to tell with every picture she shares.

8. Abhinav Chandel

He is a traveler who chose to reside in the mountains and share his stories with the world by posting pictures that have deep meanings. His feed is as motivating as his writings and is loved by over 70k followers on Instagram.

9. Shramona Poddar

A storyteller and a travel freak, this young blogger has over 62k followers on Instagram and keeps inspiring and motivating people through her extremely beautiful pictures and stories.

I am sure you cannot wait to follow these amazing people and start an adventure of your own.

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