Here is a list of 7 ingredients that makes up a typical Lucknowite!

Lucknow is a city that has many stories and tales behind everything. From the tales of Tunday ke kebab to the pehle aap banter, everything has a perfect alchemy of royalty and charm to it.

Here is a list of few ingredients that perfectly describe the mass structure of every Lucknowite!

1. Two tablespoons of Nawaabiyat

No matter where we go, we can never leave the charisma and the attitude of a typical Lucknavi nawab. Everything should be perfect or else we will make it perfect.

2. A Big Bowl of ‘HUM’ 

It’s not that we always travel in a bunch, it is just our way of speaking and addressing oneself. Our ‘Hum’ showcases our subtle yet exuberant outlook towards life. So never get confused while talking with a typical Lucknowite and be prepared for a lot of ‘HUM’.

3. 500 grams of Imambara and Clock Tower selfies 

The evening lights at old Lucknow’s historical lane makes it a perfect selfie spot here. Our phone galleries are filled with selfies and pictures taken at the historical monuments of the city.

4. A dessertspoon of ‘Ama yaar’ 

We adorn a permanent layer of attitude and privilege and when someone tries to question us, they get a very sharp ‘Ama yaar’ in return. So be cautious next time.

5. One full plate of ‘Tunday Kababi’

The hub of all the big time foodies and super hungry youngsters constitutes a great part of every Lucknowite. Our Sundays and birthdays definitely include a visit to Tunday Kababi.

6. A teaspoon of Shrama Ki Chai 

If you are a chai lover then Sharma Ki Chai must be on top of your list. Any Sharma fan can turn you into a permanent chai lover.

7. A bowl of Makkhan Malai

People from all over the world come to Lucknow to get a taste of this super soft frothy milk product, plenty of which can be finished in the blink of an eye. Makkhan Malai is a perfect winter dessert for all of us.

Lucknowites are a totally different species altogether. We master the art of making and breaking things the way we want.

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