After two sun kissed days, chill & fog return to daunt Lucknowites!

After experiencing two back to back days of relieving weather, biting cold and fog return to Lucknow on Tuesday evening.

The maximum temperature of 21.6°C was recorded in the city on Tuesday,  while the minimum temperature was 6.9°C. The visibility sharply fell after 8pm and remained below 200m at about 9pm.

Similar conditions were witnessed in Lucknow in the first week of January 2018. After suffering from icy winds, Lucknowites were relieved to find sunny afternoons in the last two days.

Homeless suffers

The major problem due to the prolonged period of chilly winds is faced by the homeless in Lucknow. Since not enough beds are available in night shelters, people are forced to sleep on the footpaths and take shelter in parking lots to get some relief.

The return of icy winds, due to a possible snowfall in the hilly region will definitely daunt the homeless.

According to the weather forecast, similar conditions would prevail in the city for another 2 days. Afternoons would be warm but the mercury on the minimum scale may dip further.

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