6 lakes and ponds in Lucknow to spend a peaceful time!

Lucknow is known for its culture and stories that go back to the times of Nawabs. But it isn’t just the monuments and buildings that have a story to tell, the lakes and ponds in Lucknow too have a history of their own.

Though most of these water bodies have lost their existence, their essence remains rooted in the history of Awadh. The empty waterbed of these ponds & lakes still gives the same rattling and vibrant look of the Nawabi period. Let’s see how many of them did you know about?

Butler Palace Lake

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The Butler Palace Lake lies adjacent to the Butler Palace in Lucknow. The palace was built by Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khan who was the king of Mehmoodabad. It is built in Rajasthani style. The lake gives an elegant look to the palace.

Wouldn’t you just want to go back to the times, when people lived in the palaces and could even afford to have their own lakes?


Kathauta Jheel

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The Kathauta Jheel is like a dilapidated dark bungalow with its broken window-panes stretching over a distance. Unfortunately, the Jheel has dried up. While earlier the area was considered to be an apt picnic spot for people. The new man-made lake has taken its place now. The Kathauta jheel, which is just opposite Cafe Frangipani is now the main source of drinking water in Gomti Nagar and Indira Nagar.

Bakshi Ka Talab

Bakshi Ka Talab was built by Emperor Amjad Ali Shah’s cashier, King Tripura Chandra Bakhshi. The king was asked to go to Nepal to buy some Elephants. On the way he stayed to rest at this place where the lake is presently situated. He saw a dream to build a temple at this place. He came back and told the emperor about his dream and a temple was built here. Later a lake was built, which was called Bakshi Ka Talab.

Man- made lake in Janeshwar Mishra Park

This Lake is situated in Janeshwar Mishra Park, which is known as the 2nd largest garden in Asia. The man made lake in the park is beautified with greenery all around. It is a freshwater Lake and has a regular flow of water in it.

Evening walks in the park become more fun with the sight of the beautifully made lake, with lots of fountains. You can even take up a boat ride to spend your leisure time, in this artificial lake.

Sheesh Mehal Ka Talab

This Lake is located in Daulatkhana area of Lucknow. It was made to keep Nawab Asafuddaula’s Sheesh Mehal cool in the summers. In the walls of this lake are hollow spaces which are lit and decorated in the night. This lake is about 200 years old and famous for its clean sweet water.

Raja Tikait Rai ka Talab:

Raja Tikait Rai built this royal pond in Rajajipuram, Lucknow. He was the Diwan of Nawab Asafuddaula. This square shaped paved pond has deep staircase on all four sides. There is a curtain ferry, which was made as a changing room for females.

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