Why trying Makhan Malai is a must, now that winters are almost coming to an end?

The Makhan Malai is one of the best Lucknow’s delights. It is soft, sweet and tender. It melts into your mouth in no time. The dish is like a story of romance of milk cream with nature. Made in the winters, the dish has a mysterious bond with this season.

The lovable Makhan Malai is made of Milk Cream exposing it to the early winter morning dew. A lot of tenderness and patience is required to make this ethereal sweet. Makahan Malai is a 4 am sweet, which has to be prepared early morning.

Is the process the most pleasing?

A rhythmic experience is created by hands pulling across a primitive blender to churn out makkhan malai. This creates milk into butter. While sugar, cardamom powder and yellow food color are sprinkled over the portion to mix the layers.

Where could you find it?

Makhan Malai can easily be found near the historic Gol Darwaza in Chowk. The intriguing calls of Azaan are heard for ‘fajr namaaz’ in the morning. Makhan Malai is easily available in old part of Lucknow such as Chowk and Nakhhas.

What makes it a must eat sweet dish?

Lakhnavi Makhan Malai imbibes the elements of nafasat (softness).The flavors that linger on give rise to a sense of greed to prolong the glimpse of heaven. This is why trying Makhan Malai is a must, now that winters are almost coming to an end.

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