Attention Lucknowites, try these 8 new hangout places for an overwhelming experience in the city!

New places to hangout are popping up in the city almost everyday, giving Lucknowites a new way to enjoy their Sham-E-Awadh. For all the social butterflies out there, this is an updated list of what’s new in the city, so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

With so many places, you might have already picked your favourite one to recline in when you are in no mood to decide where to go. But there is more thrill in finding new places and exploring the attractive menu and glitzy ambiance. These are the places which have popped up in the city in last two months. So, here we go:

Cafe By Default

A place that represents the famous Lucknowite and masterchef Pankaj Bhadauria, doesn’t need a lot of words to get your attention. Needless to say, CBD is a cafe which is high in taste. With a huge seating space and a modest decor, Cafe By Default should be next on your list if you want to experience food with creativity and a touch of Pankaj Bhadoria. While you could take a pick from those creative names on the menu, if you are a non-vegetarian, definitely try the malai chicken tikka on your visit.

West Alley Cafe

Lucknow’s newest pet-friendly cafe will definitely impress you. If you’re looking for a place where you could settle yourself in comfort and in the company of delicious food, you have this new place which fits well in all criterions. While this cozy cafe in Gomti Nagar is always ready to welcome you with its dimly lit, pretty interiors, it becomes even more attractive on special occasions and festivals.

Another unique thing about West Alley Cafe is their flavoured Jalebi. This is the only place selling jalebis, in a variety of other flavours and there is no way you can miss it.

Nainital Momos (new outlet in Kapoorthala and Alambagh)

Cant’ get enough of spiced up momos? Well, every time you think of eating your favourite tandoori momos or baked cheese momos at Nainital, you don’t have to rush to Gomti Nagar, in case you are not a resident there. Nainital Momos is now opening its branch in Kapoorthala for all the momo lovers out there, whereas the Alambagh branch was inaugurated a couple of months back.

Central, The Lounge Cafe

One of its kind in the vicinity, this is a cafe on the terrace of V Hotel on Aminabad’s Shivagi Marg and is pretty attractive, both in terms of the price and ambience. This place serves a Breakfast Buffet from 7 am to 10:30 am, at an extremely low price of Rs. 250. You can choose from Chinese, Italian, Continental, Pan Asian and of course Indian cuisines at this widespread eatery.


Vibhuti Khand in Gomti Nagar has become the new hotspot of the city with some of the coolest bars and upbeat cafes and lounges, and its newest addition is- Narrows.

Macaron Patisserie

At this cute little corner shop on the Prag Naraian road, you’re going to find the prettiest cakes, yummiest chicken salami sandwiches and salads, delicious profit roles, basically everything which can satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. This could be the cutest bakery you would have ever come across in the city, in terms of the decor and outlook. Definitely, a must visit place!

Burger Point

If you are one of those who has traveled all the way to Aashiana (above) for the burgers of this local burger outlet, you are clearly the one who makes the food plans for your group. In case you haven’t explored this food joint till date, you can do it now and make their grilled chicken burger your first pick. Even on days when you are broke and hungry, Burger Point will be there for you with its affordable and tasty burgers. That’s not it, add just 49 and upgrade your meal into a meal box.

Elev 8

Just the sort of place Lucknowites had been wishing for. A book cafe that is too pretty to get bored off. Elev 8 by Hotel Levana, is located on the Jopling road and is one of its kind in the city. Apart from a separate reader’s paradise, the place has an open seating space where you can enjoy the silent disco. Have you visited Elev 8, the silent disco yet?

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