Did you know you can do all these things for free in Lucknow?

Fun things to do in the city that require no money at all!

It is the Nawabs who lived well, ate well, built well and left us all with a bucket full of fascinating history. The best things in the world are free and this is what the beautiful city of Lucknow omits with its cultural and royalty.

Here is a list of things that you can enjoy for free in the city –

1. An evening stroll at Marine Drive

A perfect evening constitutes of a perfect atmosphere, some peace and beauty all around. This is what the Marine Drive will look like when you go for a quiet and soothing evening with your friends.

2. Window shopping in Hazratganj

The best way to avoid the rush and the haphazard in this part of the city is to just seek through the lanes and do some window shopping.

3. Go for a heritage walk across the city

The city is full of historical monuments and traditional beauties. Dedicate a day to exploring and witnessing the beauty of the city.

4. Spend some time in the laps of nature

Visit the Janeshwar Mishra park if you want to witness the extreme beauty of greenery and natural resources. This park will lift your mood within minutes with the soft music and the relaxing aura.

5. Be an onlooker of the adab and tehzeeb

Of all the things you get for free, the best thing is the love and the respect of the people who treat you like family. No matter where you go in the city, the culture and the heritage will be as clear as a crystal.

Since money can’t buy happiness, try these things that might bring you some peace and joy.

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