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5 New & Unique Things To Try In Lucknow This Valentine’s Week If Food Is Your First Love!

Food_Lucknow_Unique things to try in Lucknow

If food is first love, you have to try the specialities of these 5 places, this Valentine’s week. These rare specialties are a must try.

Fortune Cookie at Bakers Kingdom

Delighting both in taste and looks, the fortune cookie, is the newest item you will find at Bakers Kingdom. Carefully bite into the creamy crunchy biscuit and pull out the prediction note, and find what fate has in store for you.

This place doesn’t just have creamy and crispy fortune cookies but has a huge collection of confectionary items for you along with loads of gifting items to chose from.

Canneloni, Matcha Tea and Nitro Coffee by Vintage Machine

One of the many perks of having places like Vintage Machine in your city is that you get to experience the rare and the best. Vintage Machine is the first place in the city to introduce Nitro brew and the rich man’s pasta- Cannelloni. Both these new additions in the menu only prove that Vintage is truly the premium coffee house, with the most amazing and authentic Italian taste.

Matcha combined with coffee, resulting in a Matcha latte, is another superb combination that Vintage Machine brings to you. The benefits of matcha are not unknown, and you are absolutely going to love the taste of this magical tea served to you in the form of a latte.

Junglee Chicken by Urban Dhaba

The junglee chicken at the chic and filmy, Urban Dhaba, is absolutely going to blow your mind. This is a super spicy dhaba style chicken. The cooking style gives it that striking flavor and aroma. If you are a chicken lover then head to Urban Dhaba now and get junglee with the junglee chicken.

Apart from this, Urban Dhaba, located in the busy streets of Gomti Nagar should be your go-to place for economical food. Known for its magnificent Baahubali thalis, the Urban Dhaba has introduced a new Pav Bhaji Fondue, this February.

Pull Apart Bread and Chocolate Tower at The Chocolate Heaven

After you have loaded your stomach with all the amazing chocolate dishes at Chocolate Heaven, the super cheesy pull apart bread is what you need to feel complete.

Two of the most amazing things at Chocolate Heaven- the chocolate tower and the pull apart bread, will definitely make your partner happy, this Valentines Week.

‘Kuch Bhi’ at Pack n Chew

Kuch Bhi, is a pretty common phrase that all of us use very often, when we are too hungry to decide- what to order. So to take care of your kuch bhi problems, Pack n Chew in Gomti Nagar actually has a dish called Kuch Bhi, in their fine dine menu.

Pack n Chew has been serving quality food since years in Lucknow. But on days when you are confused and can’t decide, order Kuch Bhi, and let the chef bring to you his favourite dish for the day.

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