A standard TEDx event comes to Lucknow on March 18 for a motivation packed day by, with ideas that changed lives!

An idea can change your life and can have an impact so big, you could never imagine. Motivation is the biggest support, in the formation and execution of an idea. And this motivation comes to us when we hear people talk about their stories, their struggles and how an idea changed their lives. Tedx Indira Nagar brings to you a community of people who love to engage with ideas and with one another. Great minds discuss ideas and with Tedx IndiraNagar, you come closer to the world’s most inspired thinkers and curious thinkers.

For more information visit TEDx IndiraNagar’s website.

What is Tedx IndiraNagar?

Tedx IndiraNagar is an independently organised standard TED event, that operates under the license from TED. In 1984, TED started as a conference, bringing together people from technology, entertainment and design, to share and spread ideas, so that it could change the lives of more people.

It is a global program which is brought to life by thousands of individuals all over the world. This time TEDx is in Lucknow. “TEDx IndiraNagar” will definitely give you answers to all your questions regarding wisdom.

About the Event:

18th March is going to be the day of inspiration, a day when people from different walks of life will share their inspiring stories with you. The stories which will further motivate you to create your own story and make you change the way look at life.

This customised intimate setup, will be taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn, with the following set of speakers, for a breath taking session that will help you in building a positive outlook towards life:

Ken Ferns- Fashion Designer

Ulrike Reinhard- Founder, Janwaar Castle

Rajeev Kumar Gupta- Mentor and GST Expert

Nitibha Kaul- Big Boss Contender and Youtuber

Vinayak Nath- Co-Founder Venture Catalysts, Uttar Pradesh

Shubhendru Pandey- Co-Founder Sarthak Foundation

Aditya Singh- Founder, Alexis Group

Saurabh Pratap Singh- Project Impact

How To Register?

You can book your tickets by registering on TEDx IndiraNagar’s website. A standard TEDx talk comes to Lucknow for the first time, so be a part of the change that is going to take place on the 18th of March and who knows, if someone else’s story could change yours too.

To book event tickets, click here.

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