8 annoying questions every Lucknowite has been asked atleast once!

Lucknow is a city that is advancing rapidly but continues to keep its rich cultural heritage intact. The city is known for its cultural heritage, Nawabs, Cuisine and most importantly its people. Lucknowites have a charm of their own, and the fluency in our Hindi makes us stand out in the crowd. But being a Lucknowite also means you get to face a lot of annoying questions, which make no sense at all.

Here is a list of 8 questions that every Lucknowite has been asked at least once!

1. Lucknow ke log gali bhi dete hai?

Lucknow is sure known as a city of adab, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do things like normal people. Of course, we have respect and love for things and people, but we also are like any other being who gets fired up and starts shooting bad-words in their own accent.

2. Lucknow wale Bhojpuri gaane toh sunte honge!

Many people, mostly down south do not understand that UP and Bihar are two different states, with a lot of difference between the two. For them Lucknow or Patna, probably makes no difference, cause to them it is all just North India. That is why they automatically believe that Bhojpuri is the official language of UP and Bihar and strike us with questions like, Lucknow mei toh Bhojpuri gaane sunte honge!

3. Pani ke batashe matlab panipuri?

Golgappas are loved all over India, and is called by different names in different states. For some it is pani puri, for some it puchka but for us Lucknowites, it is called pani ke batashe. So yes, pani ke batashe matlab panipuri.

4. Aapke chacha toh vidhayak honge?

That’s a very common line, which people do tend to use here sometimes. But believe it or not, we Lucknowites are so good at bonding and making chachas and mamas, that we all somehow know a vidhayak chacha, along with a lot of other people. So, do not ever ask that question again.

5. Aap toh humesha Chikan ke kapde pehente honge?

Lucknow is famous for chikan work and has a huge export business. Tourists who come to Lucknow are really fond of Chikankari and we Lucknowites love it too, however, we don’t always wear the same attire and dress up normally like every other person.

6. Do you all say ‘Tu Janta Hai Mai Kaun Hu’?

Not really, Lucknowites use that phrase sometimes, but without a ‘tu’. We absolutely hate the tu-tadak language and prefer using subtle pronouns like- hum and aap.

7. Tum toh Lucknow ke Nawab/Begum ho?

Lucknow is known as the city of Nawabs, because of the history this place has. It is funny when someone calls you a nawab too, but that question gets irritating when repeatedly asked. So, next time you meet a Lucknowite, dare not ask him this question.

8. Oh, You’re a Lucknowite, you must be eating Tundey Ke Kabab regularly then!

Tunday Kababi

Lol no! Kebabs at Tundey are amazing, but no one really has got the time to eat at Tundey everyday. In fact, not all Lucknowites are non-vegetarians. So, make sure you put up your curious questions carefully.

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