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What next, after a secured job, wondered these two young women, & started Lucknow’s first cafe for artists

Asante Cafe in Indira Nagar, Lucknow is a brainchild of two friends who took to entrepreneurship after leaving their secured jobs.

At first, the task made them sacrifice on a lot of expenses but today, the same sacrifice is helping them in travelling all around India.

While discovering cafes in Lucknow, the idea of opening a hangout place for artists struck their mind. After exploring cafes in Delhi and other parts of North India, they finally started Lucknow’s first Anti Cafe.

A place for artists

Asante isn’t just another place to chill and eat, it is rather an anti-cafe, where you don’t only pay for the food but also to chill with the artists. It’s a place that seeks to serve not merely a person, but talent. It’s a space that hosts Poets, Musicians, Writers and Performers who need a place to call their own.

Displaying art, hosting gigs, open mics, photography and design is what this cafe is meant for.

The pretty and creative interiors blend well with the kind of audience Asante seeks to attract, makes it an ideal place for Lucknowites to meet and know creative minds.

Like every other person these two young women owners, finished their school, graduated and secured a job. But soon the thought of ‘what next?’ struck them. That’s when they looked at the bigger picture and realised that they were looking for something to call their own, and that’s how the idea of Cafe Asante came into existence.

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