Münick: Lucknow’s newest bistro brings a must have Bavarian cuisine with exciting offers!

Münick is running a special 2+1 offer on beer! You can get 3 Corona beers for just Rs 700.

The party animal within us deserves the best, and Münick Bistro and Bar is here to look after just that. Lucknow’s first German themed Bistro, Münick is here to cater to all your needs. From live music to Bavarian cuisine and with some exclusive items on the menu, the bistro is here to take Lucknow’s nightlife a notch higher.

Germany is well known for its nightlife and Münick Bistro and Bar is here to give you the same feels. Right from its Gothic architecture to the thoughtfully curated food menu, that has the essence of German flavour, everything is in a perfect sync.

This place serves liquor and that too a huge variety of them, cheaper than any other place in the city. Also, you are going to be amazed at the variety of LIIT drinks, Münick has to offer. A Long Island Iced Tea is an alcoholic mix, typically made with vodka, tequila, gin, light rum and soft drinks, which has an amber hue. For the first time in Lucknow, Münick brings to you a variety of Bong LIITs and you should definitely try them out.

And, here is a glimpse of the array of food, that awaits you at Münick:

Fruhstuck/ Breakfast- 

Apart from taking home a rich experience, you are also going to learn some German words, thanks to Münick. So kick-start your day with healthy Fruhstuck and savour- The Complete German Breakfast. This breakfast tray consists of a Sunny side up egg, Brown Bread, Oats and Milk, Honey and Marmalade, Parsley Butter served with Coffee or Hot Chocolate. Sounds like a whole lot of nutrition, right?  You must also try this new kind of Omlette, which is crumbled Salami, cooked with eggs, known as, Berlin Omlette.

Münick’s Fiesta Pizza- 

Non-vegetarians take a note. An absolutely drool worthy Pizza, is waiting for you at Münick. This is a thin crust Pizza, rubbed with spicy tomato sauce and is loaded with chicken sausages, ham, grilled chicken, mutton and herb sausages. Loving it already?

Sizzlers & Schnitzels

Fish Fillet with Malaysian Chilli Sauce, is a lip-smacking dish, which is served with rice/noodles. A grilled fish fillet is served with sauteed vegetables, mash potatoes and is topped with Malaysian Chilli Sauce. The burst of flavours and the aroma, will totally blow your mind.

Try the Münick Chicken Schnitzel, and add one more striking new name to your list of new experiences. This platter consists of Chicken Schnitzel, which is first topped with Colby cheese, smoked ham and then gratinated. You’ve gotta try this, and who knows it might be your new favourite.

Grab Loyalty points are also available here so don’t forget to check out exciting offers!

Münick is here to rock your summer season, with an experience like never before. Pick a day and head to this amazing place, soon. Also, keep following us on all the upcoming deets on gigs and parties at Münick Bistro and Bar.

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