Lucknow’s first state of the art bus station to be inaugurated soon in Alambagh!

The renovation of the Alambagh Bus station is a news that has brought relief to many commuters. Those of you who use buses primarily for travelling, you will no longer be disappointed with the condition of bus stations in Lucknow, because things are going to completely turn around.

Soon, you will not just wait for your bus to depart from the messed up station, but you will also not mind taking a stroll and even do a little shopping from the bus station itself. Because, Alambagh bus station will now house a mall, which is currently under construction on the ground floor of the two-storey station.

You will also get to see an eight-storey building having a multiplex and a hotel, for the ease of tourists and locals alike.

Currently, the Alambagh bus station has a restaurant, an air-conditioned waiting hall with Wi-Fi facility. It has a parking space for a total of 100 buses. Very soon, the station will have a cafeteria too. Modern toilets will also be seen at the bus station along with separate ramps for the ease of differently-abled passengers.

Once the new bus station opens, buses to Kanpur, Agra, Aligarh, including other west UP districts will operate from Alambagh, while Charbagh will be the source station for all the east UP districts.

No more pan stains, no more sweating in the sun and staring at dirty and broken seats and surroundings, because a well planned, modern bus stand is opening shortly. What is the next change you would like to see in your city?

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