Lucknow Metro’s Hazratganj station to be ready in a month, will be the most beautiful metro station!

Lucknow metro

Kathak dance is one of the many things Lucknow is famous for. This Indian classical dance form will now be the inspiration for the architecture of Lucknow’s oldest and most popular market- Hazratganj.

Kathak is an art form in which great mythological stories are showcased in the form of dance. In communicating the stories, eyes and footwork are very important. Thus, the two levels of the station will be designed in the form of a pair of eyes.

Hazratganj metro station is going to be the most beautiful one, among all and will add to our favourite market. The concourse platform of the station will be made in an elliptical shape, so when a person enters, the opening will look like an eye.

The Hazratganj Metro station will look grand in every aspect. A special entrance will be made for the station, which will look like a gateway to a palace.

This station is going to be city’s longest underground station and will have the maximum number of shops, lounges, cafes and ATM’s. There will be a total of four entries, Cathedral Church, LIC office, Mayfair Building and near DRM office.

Designer paintings with Kathak mudras made on them will be put up on the walls of the station to make give it an attractive look. Four colours- black, white, pink and red will be used on the Hazratganj station to create the desired image of an eye.

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