Barbeque Nation is serving 100+ dishes in Lucknow today and that too at the same price!

What do you love more at Barbeque Nation? The impeccable food or the warm service? Don’t start thinking about it just yet, because otherwise, you would be missing on their amazing offer for today. Adding to the list of reasons- why you love Barbeque Nation, is today’s offer, where you get to enjoy 100 varieties of dishes.

Today,i.e. 4th of April, Barbeque Nation is serving 100 dishes across all its outlets to celebrate the milestone of crossing 100 outlets in the country. It’s time for more desserts, more starters, more food and more happiness, only at Barbeque Nation.

From making you feel special on your Birthdays and other special occasions, to making your food experience great on any random day, Barbeque Nation does it all. And if you are a true fan, book a table today, cause only then, you will be able to savour 100 different dishes.

In case, you have never been to this stunning place, there could be no better day than today. If food is what really makes you happy, then there is no way you can miss this opportunity.

Do let us know about today’s experience at Barbeque Nation, in the comments. Also, let us know, which is your favourite place for a buffet lunch/dinner and we will update you on upcoming offers. Follow for all the buzz in Lucknow and keep sharing!

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Parul Agarwal

Written by Parul Agarwal

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