Crispy Waffles at The Chocolate Heaven in Lucknow, will keep you cool & happy this summer!

The Chocolate Heaven in Lucknow

The temperatures have started to soar but you don’t have to worry, cause Chocolate Heaven has got your back. Try their 12 super delicious varieties of waffles and cool yourself down, while keeping your taste-buds happy at the same time.

Waffles at The Chocolate Heaven

Every waffle lover can relate to the feeling you get when you take the first bite of the warm chocolaty waffle mixed with the cool ice-cream. It sure sends chills down your spine. So, rock your summers with waffles at your favourite chocolate abode in Lucknow, coupled with chilling coolers and shakes.

Chocolate lovers there is, Belgian, Nutella, Kit-Kat and chocolate crispies waffle, while health-conscious folks can go for honey, maple and Hershey Almond waffles.  There is also marshmallow, oreo and strawberry waffle for those who wanna try something different.

But wait, when at Chocolate Heaven, you just won’t be able to stop at their drool-worthy waffles, because there is so much more on their menu that will increase your temptations. A wide range of Blooming-breads, Tartlets, Swiss Fondue, Choco Shakes, Pizzas, Chillers, Sundaes, Pan-cakes and a lot more.

Indulge in a chocolaty experience at The Chocolate Heaven, a place that offers an unmatched taste and a variety of mind-blowing dishes to choose from.

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