Soon you will be able to rent a GPS enabled Bicycle from anywhere in Lucknow, for just ₹10!

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With the ongoing work by the government, it seems in the coming time all your traffic woes will decrease tremendously. A pilot project will be carried out in Lucknow, in which people will be able to move on roads using GPS enabled bicycles.

You can use these bicycles, for rs 10 an hour and can beat the jams to reach your destination. LMC has given the contract of 50 cycles, to a Bengaluru based company, to test run the project. A bicycle, even other two-wheelers for that matter, can surpass heavy traffic very easily. Now you too, can share a bicycle and bid adieu to those hectic jams, very soon.

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Today, with pollution and traffic, both increasing at an alarming rate, cycling is the most efficient way of changing the scenario. With GPS enabled cycles, a person can drop them conveniently at any location and book it easily with the help of an app. This app for bicycle sharing will be launched soon by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation.

The bicycle program has been successfully implemented in many other Indian cities, including, Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Mysuru, Pune and Ahmedabad. The program will be soon implemented in Lucknow by the LMC, under the smart city project, to improve the transportation scenario of the city.

The bicycle renting program might commence next week and could be launched from the Janeshwar Mishra Park.

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