Head to these 6 places for a wonderful Pasta experience in Lucknow!

If you are on a look out for cafes in Lucknow that can give you a great hearty PASTA meal, you are at the right place. The red sauce, the white sauce and mac n cheese have lately become the favourite of Lucknowites and why not.

Bookmark these places you can visit for having the best Pasta in the city, couple that with amazing beverages and drinks, to have a fulfilling food experience.

So next time, try from these 6 cafes, when you decide to indulge in the cheesy/tangy drama, as we have curated some of the best tasting pasta cafes in Lucknow-

1. Vintage Machine

Try something new with pasta marinara, which is prawns cooked in white wine in red sauce, or delve into the super cheesy Al-Fredo Pasta at Vintage Machine, located in Gomti Nagar. In their new menu, you will also find, Canneloni- the rich man’s pasta, which is made using Parmesan cheese. So, you can be sure of taking in a good taste and not carbs.

2. Walnut

If you love white sauce pasta, you must definitely visit Walnut bakery in Hazaratganj and try their pasta Alfredo. It is both pocket friendly and great in taste. Now, you can try Walnut’s pasta in their new Bhoothnath outlet.

3. Free Spirit

Try the hard to resist, creamier and cheesier ‘mac n cheese pasta’ at free spirit café, located in Gomti Nagar or the new yellow pasta, which is a blend of cream and honey and see if it manages to impress your taste buds. If you want to explore more, you can even try a mix of red and white sauce, with the mix sauce pasta.

4. Mocha

Create your own pasta by choosing from, Penne/Spaghetti/Fusilli spicy arrabiata/cheesy Alfredo/Pesto sauce or try Mocha’s very own version of Aglio Olio Spaghetti with spinach onions, chilli flakes and sun-dried tomatoes.

5. Genuine Broaster Chicken

This food joint located in Singapore mall, is where you will see Italian meet Punjabi, with their Penne Makhni and Penne Punjabi amongst the basic red and white sauce pastas, that will definitely impress food enthusiasts.

6. Cafe TC

This new entrant in the city has managed to impress Lucknowites with its food and ambiance, and makes for one of the best places to have pasta in city. Try its vodka creamy sauce pasta and Chicken Alfredo pasta with sun dried tomatoes and spinach and break away from the regular stuff.

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