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6 unique features of Lucknow Metro which will definitely make every Lucknowite proud

Lucknow metro

No more traffic jam, no more changing autos and buses. All the people living in and around Indira Nagar will soon be able to visit Alambagh and vice versa. With one patch already functional now, the work in other prominent areas is also on in full swing and will be completed in the record time.

Here are a few unique features od Lucknow metro, you should definitely know about-

1. Fast-paced development

Do you know that the priority section of the Lucknow metro is developed in just 2 years? Yes, you read it right, Lucknow metro is one of the fastest developing metro rail projects in the country. In one year’s time, North-South corridor will be ready too.

2. Seating capacity

The four coach metro train has a seating capacity of 1100 people. It has a dedicated section for women and differently-abled people too.

The metro coaches have been designed by the Alstom group in Chennai in a manner that around 185 people can sit in one longitudinal direction.

3. LED lighting

Not all trains in country’s biggest metro network, Delhi Metro, use LED lights. The French company, Alstom, has used stainless steel and LED lights in each coach.

These anti-glare lights don’t just provide comfort to the people and proper visibility but also help in lowering the electricity consumption and maintenance bill of Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation.

4. Passenger security

The security of travellers is a big concern for metro rail operators. Each coach of Lucknow metro has CCTV cameras, which are linked to a centralised camera monitoring room in the city. This will help in combating crimes like eve-teasing, theft, murder etc.

5. Safety of travellers

Ballastless track system

While the earlier point talked about passenger security, here we are talking about passenger safety measures taken by Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation.

After surveying the metro services around the world, the rail operator here included Ballastless track system and regenerative braking system. The former is supposed to help in reducing the noise created by wheels and the later ensures efficient braking.

The state-run operator has also roped in the man behind Metro projects in the country, E Shreedharan as its principal adviser.

6. Lucknow metro is for women empowerment

The first two sets of metro trains are operated by women pilots. It is the first time in the world that a woman pilot is running a metro train.

We are too excited to see a fully functional Metro in Lucknow and hope for a safe travel ahead!

Picture sources- Facebook, LMRC website, Twitter and Hindustan Times

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