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“Journalism is not a business, it is a mission,” says experienced journalist Aalok Pandey!

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy, which means journalists must hold a very powerful position in the country, right? The on-going scenario tells a totally different story though.

The rights and demands of the journalists are equally important as that of the people and that is what journalist Aalok Pandey is fighting for in the upcoming Press elections.

The UPAAC elections are due and will take place on 15th of April. 

Aalok Pandey is a journalist who has been on field since last two decades. He is the voice of Samachar Plus and holds the position of the news channel’s Bureau Chief. He understands the problems in this field today and is ready to fight for them.

While talking to Knocksense, Aalok Pandey said, “Due to some miscreants, the entire community of journalists earns a bad name and this has to be corrected.”

Aalok Pandey has the will to fight against fake journalism and hopes to build people’s faith in media once again.

According to him, a leader is someone who belongs to the same field and can take the responsibility of representing the community and keeping their demands upfront. Journalism is a field where people who share a political background also take part in. But that, he believes is totally wrong. Without knowledge of the subject there is no way, a leader can become successful. Only right intention and endeavour can lead to the right outcome.

The main problem in the journalistic committee today is that the people aren’t active journalists. It is these men against whom Aalok Pandey is standing today.

Media, is one segment that needs to be transparent and independent of influencers. Today when fake journalism is resulting in riots and mishaps, there is an immediate need to contain the situation.

“I keep newspapers in high regards, because irrespective of the amount of revenue they are able to generate, they have the courage to report and publish any news, unlike news channels, whose voice can be controlled by big shots”, he said.
No newspaper, should ever call itself small or little, because the work they are doing is bigger than many overhyped businesses. Even at the time of India’s struggle for freedom, many local newspapers were responsible for bringing revolution, Aalok added.
“I hope to get a chance to become the face of journalists and fight for their rights. Journalists risk their lives, everytime they are out on the field, immediate attention is needed to protect them. Thus there should be a telephonic line such as 108 or special provisions must be made in 108 or dial 100 for the protection of the journalists.”

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