LMRC to run metro feeder service! Reaching your location from a metro station to be easier & cashless!

E-rickshaws have many advantages over other public transport vehicles. They are environment-friendly and occupy less space on the road and prevents traffic jams. Considering all that, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has chosen e-rickshaws are the metro feeders, that will make travelling less tiring for all the commuters.

To help you beat the heat and trouble of travelling to a metro station, from your location, these GPS enabled e-rickshaws will be made available real soon. With the e-rickshaw feeder system, you can go cashless and pay by using your metro cards. They will be equipped with metro card readers, which will calculate the amount based on the distance travelled and will automatically deduct the balance. Easy right?

This move shall help in tacking traffic too. You will no longer have to worry about walking to the station, in the heat or hunt rickshaws and autos either. From July onwards, the facility will be available on the Transport Nagar to Charbagh stretch.

Different cities use different public transport options as feeders, depending upon the roads, localities and traffic, eg, buses are used in Delhi. In Lucknow, e-rickshaws came out to be the best choice, owing to a lot of reasons.

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