Stray roam free in Lucknow but LMC makes plan to catch your Dog! Get your pet license asap!

No matter how much you love your pet or care for it, you won’t be able to keep them home if you don’t get them registered with LMC before May 31. For bigger dogs like- Labrador and German Shepard the fee is 500, for small breeds like- pomeranian, the charge is 300 and for local breeds it is 200. If you fail to pay this fee for the year 2018-2019, be ready to pay a hefty sum of 5000, to rescue your dog from the LMC. However, the above prices may too vary for different breeds.

Different teams will survey and capture the unregistered pets in all the eight zones of Lucknow, to make sure no-one escapes the regulation.

But what do you get in return? 

Owning a pet is not just a fun task, it is a big responsibility too. The responsibility of taking proper care of your dog and following all the rules. The dog registration fee is also one such duty. However, despite timely payment of fees, LMC has not fulfilled any promises at all.

People continue to ask for separate dog lanes, crematoriums, pet centers in parks, etc. Even the most basic task of stray dog management seems to go unchecked, due to which people find it difficult to take their pets out for a walk.

Pet owners have been facing these problems since many years now, despite paying their pet’s registration fees.

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