Breaking a traffic rule now on streets of Lucknow, will get you a challan via post at your doorsteps!

Be ready to receive a challan at your door-steps, if you break traffic rules. You might not see a cop watching you, but those CCTV cameras installed on major crossings in Lucknow, will be watching you 24*7. Stringent norms are important to contain the problem of haywire traffic. And now we have one!

Operations have begun in the city for a 15 day trial period on five crossings, and once it is successful more crossings will be brought under the check. The traffic police in coordination with Police control room called Drishti has implemented this system, where the police will be able to see anyone who violates traffic norms. The team will also click the picture and send it to the traffic police. Then a challan will be sent to the violator via post and on his registered mobile number.

Within 15 days, the fine has to be submitted. If the person fails to do so, his/her photo will be sent along with the challan to the court for further action. Crossings that are under a watch right now, include- Hazratganj, Tedhipulia, Bara Birwa, Engineering college, Kaiserbagh.

More constables to man crossings 

Not just cameras to keep a check, but more traffic cops will also be deployed to man the crossings, after proper training.

The plan has to be implemented at 70 crossings in Lucknow, for which 280 cameras will be linked to 16 screens in the police control room. A total of 24 personnel will monitor these screens, in two shifts of eight hours.

It is time you get more careful on roads and make sure you don’t break a rule. Over speeding, not wearing seat-belts and helmets, back films on cars, over stepping on zebra crossings, breaking traffic rules, all this will be monitored. 

In case of accidents, the footage will help in identifying the defaulter and penalise them.

Considering the traffic menace in Lucknow, this move should bring great relief to the commuters. Unruly auto-rickshaws too will finally have something to fear.

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