Air and Noise pollution gets worst in Indira Nagar and Charbagh areas of Lucknow!

Burning of garbage is a major source of PM1

Lucknow is in the clutches of pollution and is constantly being listed in categories like- dirtiest, most polluted, etc cities. Another shocking news this time highlights Indira Nagar as the most polluted area of Lucknow along with Charbagh. You definitely are breathing in the most polluted air, if you are a resident of these two areas.

According to Indian Institute of Toxicology Research’s pre-monsoon assessment of ambient air quality in Lucknow, Indira Nagar is the most polluted area in the residential areas, with PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations, whereas Charbagh has the poorest air quality among the other commercial areas.

Air pollution with levels like PM2.5 is extremely hazardous to health and increases chances of Cancer, Asthma, respiratory inflammation, lung diseases, etc.

The construction work is the common element in both the listed areas and that is also the major reason for such magnified and alarming results of pollution. Right now is the need to plant more, switching to public transport, adopting environment-friendly ways in our lifestyle, more than ever.

Noise Pollution has become another concern and it is equally dangerous to air pollution. Indira Nagar and Charbagh, have again together made it to the list of noisiest areas of the area during the day, whereas, Aliganj and Chowk are the noisiest during the night. In residential areas, where the permissible limit for daytime, is 55 decibels, Indira Nagar recorded 79.8 decibels. Although these results have improved from last year records, it is still way above normal.

Lucknow currently is breathing toxic air which needs to be checked right away. The major contributor is the dust from the roads that have been dug up for the ongoing metro work and other infrastructure work. In areas like Khurram Nagar, roads have been dug up for laying sewer lines, but due to the slow work, the roads have been lying like that since a lot of time now and are covered with dust. The city is in the state of jeopardy!

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