With trains having to wait on the outer frequently, Lucknow division of NER and NR rank lowest!

Have you ever had to waste time inside the train, stuck on the outer, even when you have reached your destination, and are only metres away from the Lucknow junction platform? Well, that’s a pretty common occurrence these days, which has now led to the Lucknow div being termed as the worst in train punctuality.

With trains having to wait on the outer frequently, Lucknow division of NER and NR rank lowest!

The lesser number of platforms, tracks 

Lucknow division of North Eastern Railway (NER) and Northern Railway (NR) can now be found at the bottom of the list, when it comes to timely arrival of trains. There are many reasons for this, major ones being, lack of frequent maintenance and repair of tracks, lesser number of platforms at stations and old and less number of tracks too.

According to a leading daily, against the 95% punctuality target, NER and NR Lucknow divisions have scored 60.97%in 2017-18, which is the lowest in the country. This also means, that four out of every 10 trains, either arrive or depart late from the stations.

120 trains on an average, from the 400 trains that run through Lucknow division of NR, were behind schedule daily during 2017-18. Also, from the 250 trains passing through the Lucknow division of NER, 110 trains were late daily in the same period.

Tackling the problem!

All these reasons lead to slow movement of trains on the station every day, causing the passengers a great loss if time and inconvenience. According to officials, work in underway on the Charbagh station to ensure timely arrival and departure of trains from the station. More officials have also been deputed for better coordination between stations and the infrastructure of many adjoining stations will be given a makeover, to tackle the overloading of trains.

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