Buffet at ‘The Terrace’ in Lucknow just got bigger, now enjoy unlimited Italian food along with 40 other dishes!

A Pizza buffet sounds like the coolest thing ever, right?

The Terrace in Hazratganj is back with a delightful Italian addition to its buffet menu. Located at the Habibullah by-lane in Hazratganj on the top floor of Hotel Charans Plaza, The Terrace has managed to strike a chord with the foodies of Lucknow with their unbelievable buffet.

It’s time to rejoice because a lot of new items have been added to the super amazing Rs 399 buffet at The Terrace.

Unlimited Italian food along with 40 other dishes for just Rs 399

You can now enjoy a delicious meal, comprising of Pizzas and Pastas of your choice, along with 40 other dishes. Pizza options include- Margherita, Farm House, Four pepper, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Barbeque Chicken and Chicken Sausage.

Good food combined with awesome drinks and amazing desserts makes the experience complete. Therefore, next time you head to The Terrace for a dinner or lunch, you’re going to find a variety of lemonades, iced tea options and desserts too. The mint cucumber detox and the mint orange detox will help you beat the heat and are a must try.

While the open rooftop area is a perfect space for small parties, the enclosed dining area is a spacious place for a quiet and cosy dinner with your family or friends. The Terrace is one of the best restaurants in Lucknow, that offers quality food with a peaceful ambience.

Here is the menu-

Location– 4th floor, Hotel Charans Plaza, 11 Habibullah estate Hazratganj, Lucknow.

Check out their Fb page and Zomato profile for more information.

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