Lucknow’s dessert cafe, Temptations, shuts its operations in the city!

Lucknow’s dessert cafe, Temptations, shuts its operations in the city but there is nothing to feel sad about. Cause in case you found yourself a favourite in their menu, you can still relish the same at Rollarappaa Cafe, on the ground floor.

Yes, although the place is gone, their entire menu is available in Rollarappaa, so in case you feel like grabbing a Pizza cone or the ice-cream rolls, you know where to go!

Positive news for Lucknowites

Though the place is gone, Lucknowites can still cherish their amazing ice-cream rolls at the Rollarappaa cafe. Also, if you are looking for a dessert cafe, Frozen Junction & WAFL are operating nearby.

The cafe culture in Lucknow now has become dynamic, which means there is no place for under-performing places. Initially, we did see a lot of cafes popping up one after the other, which sure looked like a great opportunity for the city folks. However, not all the places could keep up and match up to the standards or expectations of people here, and that continues even now.

Temptations was a decent place in terms of ambience and price, but it couldn’t satisfy the taste-buds of Lucknowites. Even after organising free tasting waffle sessions, the place couldn’t pick up. The ice-cream rolls, the main highlight, were delicious and you guys can now cherish them at Rollarappaa cafe.

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