Happy Birthday Harry Potter: Revisiting our childhood’s best series!

This 31st July marks the 38th birthday of Harry Potter. While some call it a mere child fantasy (the muggles of course), there’s a part of fanship that considers it to be their source of happiness that will stay with them forever.

Now for the ones who have been constantly asking ‘what is so special about a children story’, ‘When will Harry Potter fans grow up?’ ‘When will Rowling readers realise that there are better things in the library?’  here are the answers one by one.

Harry Potter booksFirst things first, Harry Potter isn’t a childhood bedtime story. It’s a series that has kept people of all age groups hooked from past 2 decades. Even now the series is furnishing new readers and is making them realise to feel the power of real magic and how atrocities can turn the fortunes around.

The second question that every Potter head chooses best to ignore is when people ask them to grow up. Well, Harry Potter readers have grown with the books. When every year people were busy checking out something new, Potterheads were waiting for another part to come and grow with it. So technically every Potterhead grew up with each and every book taking excerpts from the characters as they evolved. This is one reason that it is special for them they have seen and felt the characters growing with them each year with each book.

Lastly when we’d realise that there are better things in the library? Let’s frame it this way when placed out of the city, how often do you miss your mom’s home cooked food? Do you now know the feels? We’ll go about reading a lot of a stuff but every now and then we’d return to that book that gives us the space of belongingness. With every chapter, there’s an incident that gives us a trip back to nostalgia, to the time we want to cherish. So there isn’t a denial or acceptance about literature art pieces on the shelves, it is about the journey of the Harry Potter series that has been there with the readers for decades.

This special places has taken years and had embodied to an extent that nothing can ever replace the crazy fanship Rowling has made.

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