Lucknow’s youngest RJ Harshi, is now the only female to host a morning radio show in the city!

City’s youngest RJ, Harshita Gupta has now become city’s only female voice to host a morning show. Lucknow will now be able to listen to RJ Harshi from 7 am to 11 am on Radio Mirchi. From funny video series to entertaining movie reviews, RJ Harshi has never failed to impress the Lucknowites.

Radio is something that engages all age groups, but RJ Harshi has something special planned for our youngsters, in her new morning prime time show. All your queries, be it a career, health, relationship, can be solved with expert guidance. You can send your requests on RJ Harshi’s facebook page and can get a chance to go on air and talk with experts from the field to get your answers.

Well, there is another very serious issue going on in almost all the Indian cities and RJ Harshi is going to bring it to everyone’s attention in her own manner. Couldn’t guess it? Potholes, guys!!

In her quest to find out Lucknow’s biggest gadhdha, RJ Harshi is going on a solo trip around the city, with a measurement tape. Follow RJ Harshi on FB and join her in this journey of potholes and find out more about the gadhdha in your city!

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Parul Agarwal

Written by Parul Agarwal

People sleep for a while and wake, but she is bestowed with the power to sleep at different occasions, at any given point of time. But when she is up in full form (no matter how rare the occasion is!) she would do things with so much precision, that you can only dream of.
She traveled all the way from the land of beaches and incredible parties- Goa, to be here. She is a Shopaholic with cognitive style of adventure. She proves all sleep and no work, makes one a brighter being.

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