Lucknow got a major boost under AB Vajpayee’s leadership. Here are his 5 big contributions!

It was during his regime that Lucknow’s Amausi airport could get a new makeover, after a quick central approval

His contributions to the nation have been many, but the most significant one will always be his ideology and wisdom. A leader in a true sense, who treated everyone equally, will always remain alive in all of us through his works. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has left behind an immortal legacy and Lucknow will always embrace the contributions made by him.

Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had dreamt of making Lucknow a modern metro city even before the ideas of a smart city was conceptualised. Thus, most of the developed Lucknow that we see today, and even a lot of work that is going on, has been the contribution of this great leader.

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Many projects were started in Lucknow by Vajpayee as Lucknow MP, but the city got a major boost during his tenure as PM, in 1999-2004.

1. It was under his regime, that the concept of affordable housing was launched for the poor. Through this scheme, the poor were allotted small houses on an instalment of 5-15 rs per day, for 10-15 years.

2. His most important contribution is the 48 km long inner ring road. This road connects Kamta on Faizabad road to Kanpur road, known as Sahaheed path, and then connects to Bara Birwa crossing, IIM road, Polytechnic crossing and Kamta.

3. He also allocated land for Gomti Nagar Railway Station.

4. He launched the Gomti Action Plan II, worth 400 crore, which was meant to keep the pollution in check, and include blocking the major drains falling into the river and diversion of sewage into STP’s.

5. It was during his tenure that the Gandhi Setu was made, the bridge that has reduced the traffic load on the Gomti Barrage.

Even today, while files take months to get approvals, the action plan to develop Gomti Nagar extension was prepared and passed in a month, along with construction of Balaganj waterworks to augment water supply and launching third waterworks (Kathauta jheel) and construction of 7 major flyovers.

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