A caterpillar cannot morph into a butterfly without the cocoon and plants cannot grow without the soil for nourishment. Needless to say, talent too, cannot make it big until you give it the right space to bloom.

We at Knocksense decided to take an initiative to take care of just that: YourSpace.

What is YourSpace?

YourSpace will be a whole new page on Knocksense, with the prime purpose of helping young talent gain a platform with the world as its audience.

Who is it for?

If you have a creative talent to show the world, or an idea that you want to turn big, YourSpace is for you. Writers, photographers, videographers, musicians, dancers, and entrepreneurs can all use it to showcase their work the way they want.

How does it help?

YourSpace serves the dual purpose of displaying your talent to the world at large while giving you the power to harness your skills in your own personal space simultaneously.

You might have all the skills but lack the right platform. YourSpace will give you the platform you need, providing you with a universe to let your galaxies of talent explode in.